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Funding for Laboratory Equipment for CKC Science Labs.

On behalf of the CKC Old Boys Association, I create this campaign to raise funding to purchase needed laboratory equipment for CKC science labs. This would go a long way to ensure that CKC science labs continue to attain world class standards.

We encourage all old boys to support this initiative through your generous donations and participation. For those who are unable to donate, we also implore you to participate by: Signing up to join AlumUnite | Inviting your classmates to join |Sharing this campaign with network.

Signed: Martin Abanobi

President, CKC Old Boys Association

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Skill acquisition

  • Martin Abanobi

    Martin Abanobi


    8 mos

  • Obinna Iroha

    Obinna Iroha


    9 mos

  • Greg Enegwea

    Greg Enegwea


    10 mos

  • AlumUnite Grant

    AlumUnite Grant


    10 mos

  • Anonymous



    10 mos

  • Kevin Isu

    Kevin Isu


    10 mos

  • Terna Ityonzughul

    Terna Ityonzughul


    10 mos

  • Kelechi Osigwe

    Kelechi Osigwe


    11 mos

  • Chukwuemeka Okafor

    Chukwuemeka Okafor


    11 mos

  • Martin Abanobi

    Martin Abanobi


    11 mos

  • Charles Nweke

    Charles Nweke


    11 mos