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United By Purpose

United By Purpose

Building Africa’s Human Capital

Our purpose-driven platform connects students and their alumni through their alumni groups (secondary school onwards) to access their peers across the globe, and donor corporations seeking to fund local education initiatives. An alumni can nominate and donate to projects of choice within their alma maters and mentor students to achieve their different career goals

More about AlumUnite

AlumUnite strategy

Direct partnership with alumni and alumni-run businesses to provide impact on education

Alumni groups can also directly interact with vetted vendors to execute projects efficiently, safely and transparently. Every fund donated or sent to vendors for project execution will be properly reported. You will be able to see exactly where your money is going and how it is spent. We cannot do this alone. We need you in our community to make this difference; help secure the future of Africa

United By Purpose

Offerings Built On Three Pillars

Infrastructure & Supplies


Several schools in Africa have poor infrastructure, making learning difficult for students and teachers. Our platform offers alumni a solution to raise funds to execute projects with vetted vendors. AlumUnite™ empowers Alumni to implement projects that align with the collective interest

Improved Curriculum


AlumUnite™ also fosters private and public collaboration towards preparing students for the future of work. Stakeholders can work together to bridge industry and academic gaps, address skills deficits, and provide world-class solutions that will unlock the potential of youths in Africa

Scholarship & Mentorship


Become an impactful mentor by supporting students in making the right career decisions and being equipped for the future. You can also fund scholarships for students or host legacy scholarships for individuals in other communities. Volunteer or support scholarship campaign today!

Our Partners

We are continually growing our partner list to bring more to the community.

What People Are Saying


Command Sec. Sch. Jos - 96 Set

Ex-Director of Socials/Welfare

Engaging the support of AlumUnite's platform in raising funds for the CSS'96 reunion immensely contributed to the success of the event. The platform provided a very efficient, coordinated, and seamless vehicle in our fundraising efforts. In addition, its deployment ensured quicker receipt and reconciliation of contributions received. It equally helped galvanize our Colleagues' interest and monetary contributions in the diaspora. It provided a vehicle for converting foreign currency contributions received at very competitive rates.

Ephraim Terkuma Ivande
Ephraim Terkuma Ivande

CKC Abuja, 2002 Set

Welfare Chairman

We set up an Alumni group and decided to create a welfare code to be part of the group's activities. However, we were facing challenges with getting a corporate account for the group's Welfare escrow account. Alas, AlumUnite to the rescue. We set up an Alumunite account exclusively for our Alumni class to manage that process seamlessly.

Dr. Chinedu Nweke, MD | MPH
Dr. Chinedu Nweke, MD | MPH

UNILAG College of Medicine, MBBS/BDS - 2005 YBC


Keeping up with important conversations on my alumni WhatsApp groups was chaotic! Fundraising across borders to support members was hectic and non-transparent. With AlumUnite's platform, we were able to reunite our department alumni towards a common goal - to support our members in tough times. Not to mention AlumUnite's benefit of access to a curated list of all my alumni networks in one secure platform.


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